Letter from our Founder

Dear friends and supporters

just 500 miles off the Florida Coast, Haiti, shares the island of Hispaniola with Dominican Republic.

80% of the population living in the poverty

At present Cholera related deaths in Haiti have exceeded 7,500. More than 350,000 displaced by the 2010 earthquake remain in tent camps. Faith Association is organizing a series of ongoing fund raising events leading up to a Benefit Concert in (2013/4 TBA and will continue on an annual basis) to raise funds for organizations working in Haiti.

Faith Association will financially  support and assist ongoing and new in initiatives in Haiti that focus on providing:

  • Land purchase and construction of Orphanages

  • Comprehensive health care

  • Clean water (water purification pumps)

  • Create sustainable communities outside of Port Au Prince so that those surviving in tent camps for 3 years can be relocated

Tax deductible donations/sponsorships will allow Faith Association to pay for many current initiatives and on-going long term projects and will also contribute towards initial promotional expenses and fees associated with booking the Artists  who we are currently negotiating with to perform.

Sponsors to this event will be included in promotional material in all media, including;

  • Radio and Television

  • Onsite video @ venue marquee, magazines, brochures, & etc

On behalf of those suffering in Haiti we ask for your support in order to make this a successful Event and allow us to have a significant impact in Haiti. The real work in Haiti is now beginning and will continue for many years. We are praying that this will continue and that the incredible disaster that befell Haiti will not be quickly forgotten.

Florence Leveque, President

Faith Association, Inc